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Our services may be used as a relay race through the company - beginning with the business management and ending with the employees.  

Digital Competence Development for Business Management

The idea is to use the services of Playitfair as a development concept for your team to improve your meeting efficiency and equality awareness. By participating in our workshops, VR-simulation and evaluation process you can enhance the performance of your team. With the purpose to frame and structure the experience, the simulation will in time be arranged at a conference-centre. The idea is to create a safe and defined experience by the use of a specific location to make the VR-simulate more accessible for first-time-users.

Kick Off with a Mind-Step Challenge

Kick-off the fall with a Playitfair-challenge in Virtual Reality. Give your team an amazing experience in Virtual Reality through this package containing all you need to run an energizing kick-off, still with research based content. 

Any place... Stimulate deep learning... Energize the team or department

Time: 3-4 hours
Location: This is a package that can be executed semi- or full-VR-experience, depending on your preferences and situation...
Version: This package comes in two versions: kick-off event or competition between team or departments
Themes: Efficient meetings, team-work, collaboration or equality in the workplace

In Development

Join our community

Playitfair provides organizations with a data-driven community. What do we mean by that and why would it be beneficial for a company to subscribe to the community? The idea is that as we gather data from our VR-experience users we will gradually construct a compilation data-base.

The possibility to analyze the data to identify possible trends and patterns will be pertinent information to share in annual meetings with our community subscribers.  The opportunity to receive updated information regarding the workforce will be invaluable information to any employer or company who wish to remain relevant and adaptable concerning business strategy in sync with the latest trends in Recruitment and Employer Branding.  

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