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Our services are based upon cutting-edge technology that yields assessable effects and has long-term benefits. 
Managing your organization can be rather challenging. We make it simpler.
Kick-Off with a Mind-Step Challenge!

Kick-off the with a Playitfair-challenge in VR. Give your team an astounding experience in VR through our meticulously compiled packages containing all you need to run an energizing kick-off. 


Flexible Locations.

Stimulate Deep Learning.

Boost your Team. 


Time: 3-4 hours

Location: Thoroughly operated by VR or adjust depending on your requirements. 



  • Kick-Off Event

  • Stimulating contests 

  • Workplace equality program for executive teams



  • Efficient Meetings

  • Teamwork

  • Collaboration 

Find Top Employees

The recruitment process can be refined by the usage of VR, as it provides invaluable insights that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. The VR simulations also allows organizations to evaluate a broader spectrum of potential candidates in an efficient manner due to the vast data collection. The simulations generate data that are easy to follow-up and compare in order to select the right fit for your organization.

Improved Customer Interactions 

Let your employees practice and learn customer service through simulations in VR! The process of learning ought to be enjoyable and engaging, therefore, our simulations opt to create such ambience. The simulations will assist your employees to respond and manage your customers in a manner that is best suited to your organization.

Code of Conduct

Your organization's values are dependent on your employees. Therefore it is crucial that these are accessible and widely understood amongst the employees. The VR simulations are intended to help your organization to maintain and improve the Code of Conduct. Interaction in a virtual environment provides an ever-so unique platform for learning, understanding and building empathy.  A well recognised Code of Conduct will contribute to a better collaborative work environment and uniform standards throughout the organization. It will also foster a deeper understanding of equality issues, thus paving the way for a sustainable work environment.

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